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  • Gain recognition and networking opportunities within our vibrant beta testing community. 
  • You can immediately access module one, which contains three lessons. We will soon release five more modules, one by one, bringing you access to over 30 lessons. 
  • You can get immediate access to module one, which contains three lessons. We will soon be releasing five more modules containing over 30 lessons in total. 
  • Join and connect with our Challenge and Lifestyle Groups to reach your goals faster. 
  • Join our community and be at the forefront of innovation. Join us and help shape the future of health and wellness!

Our Platform

  • Reach your ideal healthy weight naturally in less time with less effort. 
  • Create a natural, balanced lifestyle that gets results. 
  • Stop counting calories. Eat real foods. Boost your wellness. 

Enlighten is a wellness platform for natural weight and wellness. Its standout features include an online course, a resource directory, and a social network. Our platform enables people to manage weight and well-being to reach their goals naturally. Anyone can join, participate, and find support. 

Reaching your weight and wellness goals doesn't have to be difficult. Create an enjoyable lifestyle to achieve your goals faster. It's not hard to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week with moderate healthy lifestyle changes. It's unnecessary to overwork with intense exercises and strict diets. Lose weight at your own pace without extreme diets or excessive workouts.

With Enlighten, you'll create personalized nutrition, fitness, and wellness plans. Your unique plans will allow you to reach your ideal healthy weight in less time with less effort. You'll adjust your current lifestyle to manage your weight. You'll create routines and practices that allow you to enjoy your daily life and progress quickly toward your goals.

It's effective, simple, natural, holistic, practical, affordable, flexible, supportive, and sustainable. Enlighten brings together people who want to embrace a more natural lifestyle. Here, you'll find information and resources, make new friends, exchange tips, and find support. We're all here for learning, support, and growth.

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